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Digital SURFACE model Creation


A Digital Surface Model (DSM) contains the elevation data produced from photogrammetry algorithms. This includes terrain features, buildings, vegetation, power lines etc. DSM's can be used to provide a topographic model of the earth's surface, contour lines, and can be used in the generation of terrain models for use in grading equipment among other uses. 




Simple and easy project updates

Aerial drone surveys add a cost effective solution to keeping frequent updates to your site inspections. This includes the ability to inspect areas otherwise inaccessible to ground inspectors. Keep continuous information flowing weekly, monthly or whenever to meet your needs. We can provide fast, useful information that can give a real indication of your projects progress.



volume area calculation

Volume calculations on stock piles and detention ponds has never been as easy or fast to calculate before with the use of aerial surveys. Our aerial surveying process provides accurate calculations faster and at a fraction of the cost of similar ground or LiDAR surveys.  



As-Built Projects

Producing a complete As-Built survey plat can be a time consuming and expensive undertaking that comes at the end of a project that may be nearing or possibly has already surpassed budget. By utilizing aerial survey methods here at Tompkins Surveying and Mapping, the cost associated with an As-Built survey can be largely deferred by reducing the manpower and field hours otherwise needed to gather and generate the data.