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Building and roof inspection can be a costly and potentially dangerous feat to undertake. By utilizing our aerial services, the risk to staff and cost is diminished as the quality and reliability of the data is increased by giving you as-it-is photographs and video so that a record of inspections is kept and can be reviewed by more than just the inspector in the field. 




Real Estate

The unique views and ability to capture large areas and settings given by an aerial perspective will better illustrate your home in a more complete and cinematic way than what can be captured with traditional photography techniques, giving your listing something to truly set it apart from the rest of the market.




We here at Tompkins Surveying and Mapping pride ourselves in creating solutions for our clients that fulfill their needs and expectations. This mindset is held throughout our business practices, including our aerial services. If there is any project that you may need aerial footage, photographs, or other data for we are determined to help you in the best way we can and are open to any inquiries you may have regarding our aerial services.