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Mapping Underground Utilities: Accidentally slicing through underground cables, water lines or gas lines can cost millions of dollars and in severe cases, may cost lives. In addition, it’s not unusual for our underground infrastructure to be more than 150 years old. We are relying in many instances on buried pipes decades past their intended lifespan. Tompkins Surveying uses the latest technology and well-trained staffers to detect underground utilities precisely and quickly, whatever your need may be. READ MORE.


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The latest technology and a highly trained staff deliver precise results quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.

  • Certified and registered in Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky

  • Official Surveyor for Bartow County

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Excellent company, if you need a survey this is the company you should consider. Honest ownership and ideology.


... I was very pleased to get a quote for a specific amount with bullet points as to what I would receive for that amount ... we are really grateful for the upfront quote, the survey itself with associated documents, and the payment plan. It all worked out. I would recommend them to anyone.
— Stephanie Stephenson

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