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Our Promise

Clark Tompkins sworn in as the official Bartow County Surveyor.

Clark Tompkins sworn in as the official Bartow County Surveyor.


Our History

Honest, hard work is our touchstone.

Tompkins Surveying and Mapping is a family-owned professional surveying firm offering a full range of services for public, private, commercial, residential, government and industrial sectors. We use the latest technologies and techniques to provide our clients with the best possible value. Our philosophy is to provide top-notch services safely, effectively and with a primary focus on the client's needs.

Started in 2014, our top priority is providing the best possible service utilizing clear communication and deep expertise. We have served clients across numerous industries and our work spans pipeline surveys, route surveys and industrial construction surveys.

Currently we have one office in Cartersville, Ga., and service Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky.

Our Mission

We strive to provide you with superior service in every way.

Our professionals possess the education, experience and commitment to deliver first-rate quality and accuracy. We pledge to be the fastest, friendliest and most highly-trained in the Southeast. Our philosophy of customer service focuses on People, Process and Product.


We hold our company to a higher standard both in terms of integrity and performance. We expect our professionals to treat our customers as they would their own family. And to safeguard our clients, we drug-test everyone we hire and do a thorough background check.


What sets us apart? More than a decade of work to increase the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of surveying for the field and the office. This improved process translates into a better product and more competitive prices.


Our quality service is our product. We hire people we trust and train them to be as efficient, accurate and professional as we can to meet your needs. You are our top priority. We are continually improving as we re-evaluate and reinvent ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of technology and methodology.