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Engineering Design Surveys.

Subsurface projects demand absolute accuracy in utility and gas line surveys.

Subsurface projects demand absolute accuracy in utility and gas line surveys.

We offer the latest technologies to add real value to the work of engineers, architects and construction professionals. A surveyor’s top priority is to produce accurate, clear and well-organized information. Our thoroughly trained field crews provide the most reliable field data to inform our drafted drawings. The result? The best possible end design. We have several services focusing on engineering design surveys:

Topographic Survey

We use Geodetic Positioning Systems to establish or verify elevations on site and then utilize the best methodology for collecting data to ensure precision. This type of survey will include ground shots, locations and elevations of any feature on the property. We can measure from the center line of roads for road design, survey locations for a detention pond to ensure the correct volume of the pond, or any other topographical need.

We typically deliver the project in an AutoCAD environment but we can also deliver in Civil 3D specific drawings if needed. Our layering systems are simple and easy to understand.

Our physical drawings depict all utilities by their nationally standardized color with a different line type for each utility. This way, each utility is easily identifiable and will make the transition from field collection to design more seamless. 

The topographic survey will show the vertical relief (contours) of the site as well as the horizontal location of all above-ground utilities, roads, sidewalks and other features.


Utility Location Services


Our experience with large pipeline projects underlines the absolute necessity of strong, reliable information for utility location services. Our maps provide the highest possible level of detail and accuracy.

Volumetric Surveys

We have verified and safely executed volumetric surveys on many different ponds, structures or stockpiles throughout the Southeast. These services are offered at any time during the construction process. We have also performed volumetric surveys on detention ponds to retrofit existing outlet control structures as well as to meet other building requirements.