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Mapping services

Geographic Information Systems.


We utilize Geographic Information Systems and traditional surveying methods to verify, improve or clarify existing maps in addition to creating new maps. The most important aspects of mapping is the legibility of the maps, symbol recognition and print quality. We incorporate all three into a well-constructed, intuitive map. We provide mapping services for:

  • Planning and zoning approval
  • Hunt preserves and hunt leases
  • City parks and trails
  • Land use permits
  • Real estate exhibits
  • Geographic Information System update


Elevation Certificates, FEMA Flood Services

We offer FEMA Flood Services to homeowners and businesses that are required to have flood insurance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the official government entity in charge of all flood maps. FEMA maps are used by insurance companies to establish flood insurance rates for real estate and structures based on their base flood elevation. 

The base flood elevation is the height that your structure should be built above to be considered out of the flood zone. This elevation is determined by the flood history of the area, the size of the waterway nearest the property and what waterway controls (levees, dams, etc.) have been built.

We have experience in all aspects of flood mapping. Many times the FEMA map may show your property in flood zone when actually your house or building is above the base flood elevation. Through an elevation certificate we can certify that your house is indeed above the base flood elevation and dramatically decrease your insurance costs. For example, we performed an Elevation Certification for a client who was quoted a price of $800 per month for flood insurance. We showed his home was 26 feet above the base flood elevation, which saved him over $9,500 a year. 


Geodetic Control Points



Fire Hydrant Inspection, Alcohol Surveys

With the growing popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles, geodetic control points on the ground have become even more important to ensure the accuracy of aerial mapping. We are experienced in setting GPS control points and performing CEPD updates used to ensure the accuracy of GPS fixed points. We offer a complete ground control package for any aerial vehicle surveys. 


We provide field and office support for municipality GIS programs, including the location of fire hydrants, updated paint stripping on intersections, main gas line shut off valves, power poles, electrical boxes and any other main utilities. We also collect latitude and longitude locations, or real world coordinates, for all fire hydrants or major utility structures and classify the hydrants according to their flow ratings and/or colors. We can then import or update the Geographic Information System accordingly, ensuring greater safety for citizens and greater efficiency for the municipality.

Many cities and municipalities require surveys as part of the permitting process to serve or distribute alcohol. We offer dependable and courteous service to those businesses who need a survey for a new license or a renewal.