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Expertise spans underground, on the ground and above the ground with 3D laser technology and drones

utlity location services

Accidentally slicing through underground cables, water lines or gas lines can cost millions of dollars and in severe cases, may cost lives. In addition, it’s not unusual for our underground infrastructure to be more than 150 years old. We are relying in many instances on buried pipes decades past their intended lifespan. Tompkins Surveying uses the latest technology and well-trained staffers to detect underground utilities precisely and quickly, whatever your need may be. SEE MORE.


ALTA surveys combine a boundary (property line) survey and topographic survey into a map (survey plat) showing the relationship between the boundary of the property and all of the improvements on the property. The ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are principally used for developed commercial property and are used by buyers and lenders to ensure that buildings, parking areas, and other improvements are located correctly ... SEE MORE


We offer top-notch services with cutting-edge technology to meet your needs in the most effective way possible. Some of the services we offer to contractors include ... SEE MORE


Tompkins Surveying & Mapping has experience in all aspects of flood mapping. We performed an Elevation Certification for a client who was quoted a price of $800 per month for flood insurance. Our survey determined that his home was 26 feet above the base flood elevation, saving him over $9,500 a year ... SEE MORE


A survey is vital in ensuring that you know the precise boundaries as well as any other issues with the property you are buying. Without a survey, a landowner's title insurance can be deemed null and void if an issue is discovered after purchase. Any such property issues that would have been revealed by a survey will then be the sole responsibility of the buyer ... SEE MORE


A three-dimensional laser scan collects millions of observation points in seconds. This 'point cloud' is rendered into an image that can be used in plant additions, renovations, and equipment exchange as well as historical preservation and accident scene investigations ... SEE MORE


 We utilize Geographic Information Systems and traditional surveying methods to verify or improve existing maps and/or to create new maps. Legible, easy-to-understand make our maps sharp and intuitive ... SEE MORE


A site plan will be required if you are seeking a building permit. It is a precise drawing that is created from the findings of a survey, and, in addition, will include ... SEE MORE


We offer the latest technologies to add real value to the work of engineers, architects and construction professionals. A surveyor’s top priority is to produce accurate, clear and well-organized information. Our thoroughly trained field crews provide the most reliable field data to inform our drafted drawings. The result? The best possible end design. We have several services focusing on engineering design surveys ... SEE MORE


With the advent of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones) we can now capture a wide variety of aerial images, point clouds and geospatial information to help our clients maximize their project investment. We can update county aerial surveys for a fraction of the cost of typical aerial photography services ... SEE MORE