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Site Plans


a site plan is not the same as a survey …

If you’re requesting a building permit, whether for a deck or a house, a detailed, accurate site plan will be required. Some confuse a survey and a site plan.

They are not the same. All construction projects require a survey which details the dimensions of the existing structures and the property, including the exact location of the building inside of the property lines and utility easements. A survey is prepared by licensed surveyor and must be certified by that surveyor to be legal.

A site plan is a precise drawing that is created from the findings of the survey, and, in addition, will include the location and dimensions of any proposed construction. A site map must include property lines; any existing structures such as fences, porches, sheds, roads, decks; any proposed new structures; and any drainage or surface water management fixtures. We are very familiar with the requirements of jurisdictions throughout the region and the experienced professionals at Tompkins Surveying and Mapping will ensure that your site plan is accurate, complete and exceeds the requirements for your project.

Site plans may be used for other needs as well. If your property is on a flood plain, a site plan may be needed to determine how the land must be graded. Basically, any time you are planning a project that will involve moving soil around to accommodate your structure or improvement, a site plan is recommended — even if it is not required in your jurisdiction.